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Heads up! Teams Befter 2019

Students from Business School WKVW Wetzikon (, Zürich, Switzerland & Moretus Secondary School Moretus Ekeren (, Antwerp, Belgium

Befter Teams 2019, BM2 Vollzeit, Klassen A & B
Befter Teams 2019, classes BM2A/B on the left and some of the Belgian team members of 6WEWI on the right (click to enlarge the image/video)

Teams Project Befter 2018
(Before and after the experience)

The BM2TZ-students brainstorm together during their visit at KEZO Hinwil (click to enlarge)

Teams “Project Z.B.”  (Z.urich B.erlin) 2018

Business School WKVW Wetzikon (, Zürich, Switzerland & Lette-Verein Berlin (

Lette-Verein Berlin and WKVW students flying heads

! See the Project Z.B. heads flying out of the magic horse-box here »


Teams “Project ZürIzmir” 2017/2018

ZürIch greets Izmir greets ZürIch greets Izmir greets ↫ – ZürIzmir!

BM2 TZ, Business School WKVW Wetzikon (, Zürich, Switzerland & İzmir Bornova Cem Bakioğlu Anadolu Lisesi (, High School, State School, Turkey

8 moments of the Team 2016/2017 (W2W)

BM2a VZ & BM2b VZ & BM2 TZ, WKVWetzikon

photos by Larissa Keller (BM2 TZ)
Und hier nennt sich das Team 2016/17 beim Namen..

Team 2015/2016 (dwME)

BM2a VZ & BM2b VZ
» Hier das Team 2015/16 unter der Lupe !
» Take a close look of the team under the magnifying glass !
photo©2016 by Maximiliane Egli (BM2b VZ), MaxwellArt Photography on Facebook
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